Richard David John Burbage – Guilty

Remember this twat?

Back in 2012 I and around 1,200 other people had our cars ‘stolen’ by the dodgy dealership We Buy Any Car Australia. Richard David John Burbage left a trail of destruction in Australia before fleeing to the UK with his gutless tail between his legs, desperately trying to hide from the angry mob of Aussies he had fleeced.

With the help of friends locally and abroad, we were able to track this low-life down to a new set of dodgy dealerships he had established in the UK. Unfortunately it was too late for many unwary consumers who were now victims of Burbage and his cronies. Fortunately the Southern Daily Echo picked up on our story and took up the pursuit and began reporting on Burbage at every opportunity.

Finally the law caught up with him and his trial began alongside Darryl Kenneth Warren and Ryan Neil Overton. Stan Rudgley did not appear in court having already pleaded guilty to fraudulent trading. Thankfully many of his victims were able to attend and give evidence, and after a short deliberation the jury…

“…returned guilty verdicts on five charges of fraudulent trading which included clocking car mileages, giving false descriptions of vehicles, failing to deliver vehicles, forging vehicle documents, falsifying warranties and failing to give refunds. Michael Carr, Reporter, Southern Daily Echo.”

Ryan Overton and Darryl Warren were found not guilty.

The likely outcome of this decision is a “substantial sentence” for Burbage according to Judge Barnett who will pass sentence in July. In the meantime Burbage has been remanded in custody to await his fate.

I would like to thank all the people who have been involved in bringing this despicable character to justice. I know that many of you were left out of pocket in your endeavours, but I can assure you that your vigilance and hard work are very much appreciated. Lets all hope he gets to spend a very long time behind bars.

5 thoughts on “Richard David John Burbage – Guilty

  1. Great read Matthew and great karma has prevailed for all those who lost money I gliding myself, this piece of scum will get between 5 and 7 years,he never took me up on the one on one, too spineless, so for all you Aussies have a glass of something and toast to the demise of burbage,

  2. I was scammed by them and gave evidence last month in court.

    Alleluia. Justice is done at last

    • I was too no 2 yr warranty within 24hours had to spend £500 and still got a oil leak from the gear box
      6 yrs not enough
      He will only do 3
      Justice is not done
      He made my life hell
      My mum had cancer and he shouted and abused us both
      Rot in hell all I can say!!

  3. We had a really close call with this guy. Whether selling a second hand car or buying this guy took advantage and really messed with people’s lives. So glad people persevered and they’ve got him.

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