Burbage Gets Six

Richard David John Burbage has been put behind bars where he belongs. Although many will feel that his six year sentence is not long enough for a man who conned hundreds of people out of thousands of dollars in two different countries, at least some form of justice has now been served. His partner in crime, Stanley Rudgley, received a prison term of three years and fours months.

Ryan Overton and Darryl Warren were acquitted and found not guilty of all charges they faced.

Click here to read the article in the Southern Daily Echo.


2 thoughts on “Burbage Gets Six

  1. I am very pleased to see that B—tard Burridge got his cum upance in the end though no where near long enough with remission,should have been ten years then sent to aus to do another ten for all the suffering he caused out there.
    Thanks matt for all your work and perseverance on this matter

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