Overton, Rudgley, Burbage – Oh My!

I can picture it now. An innocent young Judy Garland skipping along in her ruby slippers with a wide-eyed wonderment of this fantastic world she has found herself in. Only to be taken advantage of by the fraudster Wizard of Oz. Along the way she met the brainless, the heartless, and the coward. Nice characters in the movie but a nightmare in real life.

The Brainless – Ryan Overton.

Following the collapse of We Buy Any Car in Australia I started a series of blog posts to tell my story and to warn other people of the nefarious dealings of Mr. Richard Burbage. Unfortunately for many Australians it was too late. Burbage, his wife Lorraine and his three children (who unfortunately have to go through life carrying this creeps genetic goo), had fled the country and set up shop in the UK.

March 9, 2013 I was contacted by one of my readers who pointed out that Hampshire Vehicle Sales had set up with a strikingly similar logo to the old webuyanycar.com.au logo used by Burbage in Australia. I ran the comment and was contacted a few days later by the ‘owner’ of Hampshire Vehicle Sales, Mr. Ryan Overton. Mr. Overton claimed that his business had nothing to do with the Burbages whatsoever and that he found the image online somewhere.WBAC_HVS

Really Mr. Overton?

That’s one heck of a coincidence.

Then I pointed out in my second update into the webuyanycar.com.au scam that Lorraine Burbage was listed on Whois as the registrant of the hampshirevehiclesales.co.uk website, so Mr. Overton tried to get his solicitors to shut me down. Not smart is he?

According to my sources, which was later confirmed by the Daily Echo, Hampshire Vehicle Sales changed its name to Woolston Car Supermarket. That business did not end well either.

I have corresponded briefly with members of Ryan’s family and apparently he is struggling with what has happened to him. As a naive 18 year-old he too was taken advantage of by Mr. Burbage, allegedly groomed for the position of ‘fall guy’ and fall he did.

I do have some sympathy for Ryan Overton. However the promise of fast, easy cash is always an empty one and although the brainless scarecrow thought he’d be lining his pockets with gold, he ended up stuffing his shirt full of straw.

The Heartless – Stan Rudgley.

Harry_WormwoodThe collapse of Woolston Car Supermarket lead to a flurry of comments on my site and a new player was being discussed by my readers. Enter the fat man. January 14, 2014 I received several comments from people who saw cars being moved from the premises of Woolston Car Supermarket.

Unfortunately it was too late to stop them, but the name Stan Rudgley kept popping up in the comments. Cars sold to Woolston Car Supermarket were turning up on the site of Fort Wallington Car Sales (a company owned by Mr. Rudgley), twelve miles away in Fareham.

Woolston Car Supermarket is now Woolston Car Supermarket Ltd, another company purportedly owned by Mr. Rudgley.

According to the victims, Stan had been handing out rubber cheques since the days of Hampshire Vehicle Sales. Sneering through his pasty, gin-blossom cheeks, fat Stan would attempt to ingratiate himself with children by making obsequious comments such as, “is this cheque for your Christmas presents”. He was Richard’s right-hand man and he was breaking the law with every breath he took.

As the horror stories piled up people were becoming more and more stressed. Complaints flooded in to the local constabulary and Trading Standards office but satisfaction for the aggrieved was far from forthcoming. Then things started to get nasty.

Enter, the Coward – Richard Burbage.

burbage01Richard Burbage needs to be held accountable for his actions. Instead of manning up to the situation though he has run for cover at every opportunity.

The Daily Echo finally caught up with him on the 30th January, 2014. You can follow the link to read the article for yourself, or I can save you the trouble by telling you that every single word uttered by this evil, self-centered creep, is an utter load of rubbish. Firstly, he claims not to be responsible for the collapse of his Australian business. According to the article he was too busy jetsetting around the country to supervise the company’s finances. That’s not going to engender a lot of sympathy pal.

Apparently it was all the fault of his Australian business partner and that he only went overseas to escape the death threats from disgruntled Aussies. Perhaps they wouldn’t have been so disgruntled if you had stayed and at least attempted to pay your debts? But no, you ran with your tail between your legs like a flea bitten mongrel dog.

He claims that he was never part of Hampshire Vehicle Sales, yet I have comments from people who were instructed to deposit their payments into the bank account of L. Burbage. I presume this is the same L. Burbage that registered the website for Hampshire Vehicle Sales and the same L. Burbage who bore this twat three children.

He denies being involved with Woolston Car Supermarket or Fort Wallington Car Sales, yet people have seen him there. He claims never to have set up a company with Stan Rudgley, yet the Daily Echo has video footage of the two men threatening a customer together from behind his desk.

He claims to have had a falling out with Stan after the collapse of Woolston Car Supermarket. Hang on, didn’t you just say you were never a business partner of Stan Rudgley?

Richard Burbage is a liar and a fool. Whilst he has only been caught on video once I have it on good authority that he has threatened violence upon other members of the public, telling one poor girl that he was going to ‘cut her pretty face off.’

Richard David John Burbage has been blaming every one, and any one, he can think of for the trail of destruction he has left behind. Although he won’t own up to any of the problems, he insists that it all began in down under. To use his own words in the Daily Echo,

“Where this all stems from is Australia. It has all been blown up and blown up.”

Apparently our investigations stopped a multi-million pound deal that would have set his family up for life. GOOD! That’s called karma and it will keep coming for you until you man up and do the right thing.

And so will we.

In the words of Dizzee Rascal,

“So you wanna be a gangster. Tell me just one thing. What you know about bein a hard man? Your mum buys your bling.”

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13 thoughts on “Overton, Rudgley, Burbage – Oh My!

  1. Unfortunately both Burbage & Rudgeley are back in business as Elite Car Sales, based at Fort Wallington, Fareham. Viewing is by appointment only. Rudgeley is the “face” based at the “showroom” in Fareham. More cars are kept in a car park in a hotel in Botley. If you need to view one of those cars, that’s when Burbage turns up. When will these cons be brought to justice?

  2. Check out the echo. Lorraine Burbage has set up a business using our money. Don’t have pity on her as she is as bad as him. The business is called Ophelias boutique. Find it on face book and have your say.

  3. Great round up Matt, hope this keeps these wide boys awake at night.

    Having followed your reporting for the last 18 months I felt it time to contribute.
    I have also been monitoring the Daily Echo’s attempts to flush him out (and they seem to have had some success).
    A couple of corrections and additions to your informed posting:
    Rudgely has never owned Woolston Car Sales or Fort Wallington Car Sales. He has no capital (or business acumen) and is nothing more than Burbage’s ‘nominated’ Director to legitimise the businesses, allowing Burbage to avoid prosecution when Burbages scams are exposed (as they invariably are).
    Both businesses and all the stock are Burbages property. Rudgely was Burbage’s Gofer before he moved to Oz and is totally and completely under Burbage’s direction. Knowing the penalties for failing to uphold Directors responsibilities (as Burbage does) will come at a high price to Rudgely soon and Burbage will throw him to the wolves as he did with Overton.
    Rudgely is fearful of Burbage and in too deep to get himself out – and he knows it!

    Burbage no longer likes his own name for some reason and seems to prefer the name of David Spearing?? It was ‘Dave Spearing’ who threatened customers seeking warranty for the junk he sold them. He has denied this during interview however apart from the fact that one of Burbage’s middle names is David, the amazing and phenomenal coincidence here is that a Ken Spearing happens to have been his father in law during his first marriage, and was the person who mentored him when he first started ripping people off!
    What’s even more amazing is that the very same Ken Spearing sat with Burbage (apparently for moral support) when Burbage appeared last year by video link during the Federal Courts examination of Kar Lands collapse!
    During that very same video link Burbage lied under oath that his address was actually the address of his wife’s parents – when he lives some 4 miles away at Winchester road Botley Hampshire (house no. Withheld for the safety of his 3 kids – although their well being doesn’t seem to be their fathers concern or priority!)
    The same false address was given to a different court in December when he received a 6 Month Driving ban. Burbage is so delusional he actually believes he is above the law!

    Life is not all roses and sometimes it catches up with you. Burbage got beaten unconscious last October by people he knew (And was in debt to). Unfortunately when you have so much to hide like Burbage has you cannot go to the Police for assistance!

    Your past correspondence with Overton was actually with Burbage. Likewise with Burbage’s Solicitor Polson. Burbage has ‘balsey’ arrogance and incompetence in equal measures, along with an oversize ego to compliment his delusional personality.
    The latest Kar Land creditors report indicates overwhelmingly that Burbage was responsible for its collapse and could well be the catalyst document for bringing him back to face the music.

    Other significant criminal activity discovered during the receivers forensic examination will ensure Burbage 3 meals a day and institutional activity programs for many years to come, courtesy of the Australian Correctional Service.

    I am sure we haven’t heard the last of the events currently being reported in the UK.
    Let’s hope we get the outcome we are all wishing for and that pathetic little ‘fatboy’s like Burbage and his wannabe ‘cronies’ get all they deserve. That is what they call Karma!

    • Thanks for the corrections and additions. It’s hard keeping up with these scoundrels from so far away, but I’m doing my best 😉

      You’re not the first person to suggest that Overton’s email were actually from Burbage, but the correspondence from the alleged ‘solicitor’ was so childish I could not believe someone out of their teens could have written it.

      Anyway, I just want to see these guys face the music and will keep plugging away as best I can until it happens.



      • He’s advertising on auto trader as valley cars now. Let’s make sure he gets stopped before more peopleget conned!

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