One Million Metres

Check it out guys, I made it.

Eighty six thousand six hundred and seventy calories and eighty runs later, I have chalked up a magic 1,000,000 metres.

It has been a hard slog at times filled with magpies and kookaburras, spiders and dog poo.

There have been ups, downs and plenty of days when the motivation to get out of bed was extremely hard to find.

I’ve watched my weight plummet and, at times, felt my confidence shatter.

I’ve broken toes, twisted knees and torn tendons (the plantar fascia tear was particularly uncomfortable).

But the effort has been well worth it.

According to the Nike Community I am running further and faster than most men my age. Go figure 😯

I’ve done the Blackmores Bridge Run, the Sydney Half Marathon and this weekend, to complete a year of firsts, the City-to-Surf.

You guys have teased me, taunted me, jeered me and cheered me. Slapping me down when I got a big head and picking me up when I needed it.

Its been a lot of fun.

Thanks for your support.

My knee hurts!