We Buy Any Car Scam Update 2

WhoisOn the 30th July 2012 the dodgy dealings of webuyanycar.com.au (WBAC) finally came to a head and the company was sent into administration and ultimately, liquidation. Many people lost money including employees, business associates and customers who sold them their motor vehicles in good faith.

I wrote about this unethical dealership in three blog posts. The first one titled Life Lesson Well Learnt outlined my own personal experiences in dealing with them before they went broke. With the flood of comments that soon appeared I realised I wasn’t the only one to experience their callous disregard for other peoples property. Luckily my story was able to find its mark and prevent others from suffering the eventual loss.

My second post came out after they were already placed into liquidation. In that article I included correspondence from Mr. Jeremy Herbert from webuyanycar.com in the USA who was keen to point out that they had no relationship with the Australian business or the Burbages. Unfortunately, it was already too late for many Australian consumers so I pointed people in the direction of Worrells solvency agents to make their case.

Other sites like Stuff Review and Product Review were also doing their best to inform the public as to the devious dealings of the Burbage business, but unfortunately all we could do was become a sounding board for those that had already been hurt.

Then everything went quiet. There has been nothing in the Australian press on the subject of WBAC for many months now and it seemed the Burbages had become harder to find than Christopher Skase. Their dead-of-night Houdini act cost them a million dollar home in Fig Tree and wife Lorraine’s $200,000 Bentley. It also cost around 1,200 trusting consumers over $3.6million dollars according to the Courier Mail.

Back in March this year I received a comment on my article about WBAC going into liquidation from a reader who was convinced that Hampshire Vehicle Sales in the UK was a new business that the Burbages were involved with. I ran the comment and was contacted five days later by Mr. Ryan Overton who claimed to be the proprietor of Hampshire Vehicle Sales and had no affiliation whatsoever with the Burbages.

Mr. Overton stated that he was the sole Director and owner of that company and that they were doing their best to trade through difficult times. He asked me to remove the links and, finding no evidence to link the Burbages to the company, I did so as a gesture of goodwill. Unfortunately I may have been misled.

Stuff Review ran an article over the weekend also linking Hampshire Vehicle Sales with the Burbage family. They went so far as to perform a whois search to ascertain the registrant of the website and according to their site it is Lorraine Burbage. I checked this last night and found the same information – see the image opposite.

Needless to say the comments are now back visible on my website.

Over the weekend I received an email and a comment on one of my posts from a Mr. Henry Winster who informed me that,

“Mr Burbage has been summoned to attend the Federal Court in Brisbane to answer questions in regards to his involvement as a director in the company. This is to be held on 3rd July 2013 I think. Worrells have more information for people wanting to attend as it is open for the public to view. Mr Burbage is not in Australia but has fled back to the UK where he has opened up another business with I guess the same intention of ripping off customers again.”

I checked the Commonwealth Court Portal and both Richard Burbage, and his business partner Mr. Armand Daiga have been summonsed to appear. The case number is: QUD171/2013. If you want to look it up yourself follow the link and click on ‘Federal Law Search’ in the top right of the image on the page you are directed to. You may have to accept the terms of use but after that you will on the search page where you simply enter the case number and hit ‘Search by file number’.

The guys at Stuff Review also picked it up Mr. Winster’s comment and added,

“Regarding webuyanycar / Karlands liquidation. Worrells are currently conducting a public hearing in the Brisbane Federal Court and have already questioned key secure creditors and Karlands ex accountant. A second 2 day hearing is scheduled for 2nd & 3rd July in Brisbane where both directors (Burbage & Diaga) have been summonsed to appear. Whether both will attend is yet to be seen as Burbage is in the UK and has started a similar business.”

Whether Hampshire Vehicle Sales is a Burbage concern or innocent bystander remains to be seen however, just because their names don’t show up on a company search does not mean they are not involved. In my experience ‘silent partners’ are not always that silent so, if you are going to transact with this company do your research and perform your due diligence before you part with your car.

And to everyone in Australia still feeling the pain, good luck and stay strong.


Richard Burbage.

124 thoughts on “We Buy Any Car Scam Update 2

  1. The cars are now being stored in the Sainsbury car park in Fareham, so thats the place to find our favourite car dealers.

  2. Stan now has another tel No [edit] I have just had a look at the pics (He has 4 pages on ebay ), some of the pics arte outside a well known welding garage in Southamptom,others are outside a farm shop on the outskirts of Botley and in a public car park in the woods.

  3. Stan is now on ebay as stanl-rudgl, trading as

    The Elite Car Company
    Viewing By Appointment Only
    PO16 8TT
    And charging for your calls on 08446631104

    The pics are taken in a nice warehouse, could be Fareham or the trading estate outside Botley on the way to Bishops Waltham .

    I have passed all the relevant info to ebay so maybe they will close him down. Anyone who has dealt with him recently should add to this to reinforce the message to Ebay

    Hi address is given also as

    service4 Life Ltd
    Stanley Rudgley
    49 bryanston road
    United Kingdom

    VAT number: GB 171 4375 13

  4. Hi, I stumbled across this page by accident. I can’t say too much at the moment, but we bought a car a short while ago from a dealer on an estate in Botley that does not seem to be mentioned once on here. There are several car dealers all with different names. We were told car was part exchange but have today linked it with Stan (who took it in for an MOT last year) and have seen Mr Burbage with our dealer on site in a silver range rover when we were there. We are in process of contacting police and trading standards. Guy refused refund despite car being faulty and dangerous. We have evidence to prove this site is involved or run by these two men,

    • Hi Matt
      what ever you have done keep doing it as WARD and his wife have both shut down there facebook pages!!(NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE)
      Seems only BURBAGE,REED and FARR to go now.

      Looks interesting REEDS Facebook pissed with WARD AND BURBAGE.


      I hate them all been ripping off people for ages.Keep it going we are all with you.


  5. Rich I know you read this, You have pushed everyone and me too far now, you know who I am you threatened me and my family and ran away when u saw a camera, that day I avoided landing a devastating blow on you as i was hoping for a decent outcome, well I haven’t got one and you ran like bitch after being all “caring” on the phone, “I just want to do good by my family” “it’s only one or two problems were a professional outfit”, Well guess I got nothing to loose now, you have destroyed my family and torn us apart, partly through the threats you made that made the mrs leave home, so if you are a fkin man call me, u got my number you know who I am you fkd off with my car key (the only one), I’m trying to find you anyway so call me, you claim to have back up but fk that rich you wanted it with me so come on down, I love my kids fiercely but am prepared to do some time away from them for you, but if u really want to bring backup bring it, you’ve got no idea what will await you if you don’t meet me one on one, plus I have half the town behind me and a few nasty c**ts to boot,

    But let’s start by you calling me a?

    Sorry for the rant Matt, it’s got serious for me now, Please post this, And I will keep you up to date on my progress.

    • Whilst I do not condone violence I do hope Richard Burbage realizes the pain he has caused and takes the appropriate steps to rectify the situation.

      • They have turned up again , trading from his wifes nicker shop ( probably financed with Aussi money). The Echo tracked them down. There faces are to well known now what with all the coverage there has been. I understand it was people around his house who gave his address to the Echo , they probably want him gone as well.

    • You will not hear from him, he has a yellow streak and only threatens women.You could try Stan he is easily intimidated and you wouldn’t have to do more than a trot to catch him. he is rather large around the belly, I am told he lives with a women , a bit unbelievable unless it is his dear old mum .

    • I must say mate this is the EXACT same story as me, threats n all he ever told me who was after me the fool! And he gave it all that and a sack of spuds on the phone but he ran like a girl with my key! I was waiting for a replacement car and stan brought me it today, I thinks he’s trying to help where he can but he seems to have no money to give back so I went for a car. Which I more than others got but I had my ways 😉 so for me it seems to be over. Richard however has a lot to answer for, the depth of his family wrecking ways runs so deep and I hope he knows it, he will be dealt with if not by you bud it will be others, but it’s the poor kids I feel for, have to up sticks and run when ever he feels it’s time too, If he does read this It just shows how in danger he is, he done the same thing to me and I expect others so if he ended up maimed for life where do the police start!? The list of suspects must be huge! Good luck finding him mate

  6. Well thanks to you Matt you have us a platform and now it’s all out in the open here, Thanks dude, I do believe stan was hoodwinked into most of it but he knows more than he’s letting on, As for rich if he’s still in southampton he’s in danger and he knows it, I would take 20 years in prison over looking over my shoulder everywhere I go! Nice one Matt 👍

    • I’m not so sure Stan was hoodwinked. Regardless, he now needs to settle his debts with the people he conned.

      As for Richard, the quicker he finds the inside of a gaol cell the better.


    • you relise this company losed more than 20 million in less than 12 months of being open & took every body to the cleaners because i used to work for this company !

  7. With effect from 10th Jan 14 Woolston Car Supermarket has a new registered address in Manchester. Stan Rudgley is still the Director and with Richard Burbage nowhere to be seen at Fort Wallington Car Sales could he be setting up the next scam?

    Sources: http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk//compdetails



    M1 2JQ
    Legal Information
    Company Registration No.: 08694419
    Incorporation Date: 17 Sep 2013
    4 Months old
    Financial Year End: 30 Sep
    Capital: £1.00
    on 17 Sep 2013
    Information checked: 21 Jan 2014 – Refresh Now!

    Ducie Street, Manchester, England
    Address is approximate

    Recently Filed Documents

    2 available

    10 Jan 2014Change of registered office address AD01
    17 Sep 2013New incorporation documents NEWINC

    Directors and Secretaries

    Stanley Rudgley
    17 Sep 2013 ⇒ Present (4 Months) Director

    Previous Addresses
    SO19 7HS

    Changed 10 Jan 2014
    Company Annual Accounts
    Next annual accounts are due on:17 Jun 2015

    • Rudgley should be banned from holding any form of company directorship for life.

      If it were up to me, I wouldn’t let the fool direct 6 year old’s school play.

  8. check out todays daily echo,stan made front page. feels pretty good to know that he has been stopped in his tracks,I feel for his family,the embarrassment and shame of this family members must be awful,especially his children .you know Stan what goes around comes around!

  9. I actually have their home addresses ,all of them .Iknow that they will be checking in on this site I have seen them do it.They shouldn’t leave paperwork lying around should you, you bold headed toad.Not quite sure what to do with it though.

    • Web site is via autotrader so keep the complaints to them and others will leave them starved of income. Scum will soon turn on each other when they get hungry.

      Seems name Steve who may have a good reputation at stake could be associated with them.

      • got some good results today when we as a group went to fort wallington along with the local press. please don’t put much detailup on the other site,but you can put some ie that it may be possible that if you have a problem with your transaction or bounced cheques then stan is trying to sort it out and that all people need to do is let him know. well this is what he said in front of the t.v cameras.

    • Fort Wallington Car Sales have also started uploading images to autotrader so it won’t long now before Stan Rudgley and Richard Burbage set off on their next scam.

    • Ryan was sacked after he took the fall for the first company going under (Hampshire vehicle sales) and is suffering consequences for that , dozy twat

  10. Just to inform you all they have moved to Farnham by borhunt recovery people have been saying they are calling them selfs south coast cars? Watch out people they are crooks

  11. Hi all. I like you all have found that Woolston Car Supermarket are a dodgy outfit and although not officially headed up by Richard Burbage he is the one holding the purse strings. I have created a new blog which solely deals with dodgy car sales organisations so please visit and lets share as much information so anyone looking to buy a car from Woolston Car Sales or whatever the name will be can find information about it. Thanks and I look forward to sharing stories with you all. http://shareaboutdodgycarsales.blogspot.co.uk/

    • Well done on setting up the blog. I sincerely hope these guys get shut down and gaoled before any more people get ripped off.

      Feel free to link back to any of my articles. I have created a tab at the top of my home page for easier access.



  12. I have had problems too sold a duff car promises to fix it ignored phone calls shipped out my car still there,There are a few car’s left im geussing they are ones not wanted tempted to go and take one and think I will they all seem to be unlocked richard stan and door man monkey you will be found trading standards are being informed and your addresses have been given

  13. Hello Matt,

    Can I start by saying well done for keeping up with this page following Burbage. He can’t last much longer with this amount of people after him.

    I too was stung by Richard and was made many many false promises and lies. Bought a car months and months ago- paid for it and a day later it sprung up with countless problems. Took it back to the garage and they said they would repair everything. Endless calls to which they either never picked up or just made things up about the progress of the car.

    I got a tip off to go and get my car today as I heard they were moving their fleet today. When I went there the whole court was empty. The office was locked up and everything inside gone. Tons of letters from unhappy customers were spread all across the floor outside in the rain. HOWEVER after much noseying around the other sites around Woolston Car Supermarket I found another garage a few buildings away named Cross Autos on the same strip where Burbage has left all the un repaired cars owned by customers including mine. There were about 20 cars there. If you are reading this and have bought a car from here and own the log book but not the car I do believe you might find your vehicle here. Don’t expect any promised repairs to have been done though. All lies I’m afraid! The people running Cross Autos were extremely helpful and had all of the keys to the cars on their site. Really hope this helps a few of you panicking. My car was not worked on whatsoever so is pretty much useless but atleast I have it back and will try my best to do it up somehow.

    No doubt Richard and the gang are setting up elsewhere in Hampshire as we speak. It shouldn’t be too long before he’s spotted I’m sure of it.

    Best of luck to you all in finding your cars x

  14. Jeeeeezus just come across this as only bit his full name today, they have gone all gone except the said they was going to fix my car, didn’t fix it and now have left with the key! Wtf do I do!

    • Unfortunately this is exactly what happened in Australia. I just wish we could get the work=d out to more people before they fall victim to this scam.

      • I cant believe that is able to go on. I to have been ripped off by them not sure which direction to go next. I went there today only to find the premises empty. I heard they cleared out Thursday leaving many people with promises of refunds but everyone seems to have bounced cheques and false promises. I was lied to on many occasions from Stan he even had the disgusting cheek to say to my children is this cheque for your Christmas presents all along knowing it was going to bounce. How they haven’t been arrested is beyond me but I will not stop till something is done.

      • Hi Karen.

        They wrought absolute havoc in Australia until we managed to get the media involved. I know there are journos looking into this in the UK but you could help by calling newspapers and other news outlets to give them your story. If enough people do this you will raise the the profile of these criminals and perhaps the authorities will step up their investigations.

        Unfortunately graft and corruption are harder to prove than murder and mayhem, so the police don’t put a lot of their limited resources to investigating these allegations.

        All the best Karen. I hope it works out better for you.


    • Hello, please read my long comment above yours for possible help- but I would really consider visiting the garage a few doors up from Woolston Car Supermarket called Cross Autos- after searching the whole of that dock strip I eventually found my car here. The people that run the garage did all of the repairs for WCSupermarket so they had my car keys. I was informed there were plenty more cars owned by customers there. CJ

  15. They are gone, cleared out run away and left many of us fkd, it personal now you poncy twat, you gave me ur word!!!!! Shows how much of a Man U are especially as u try to hide behind other peoples reputations, Well now I also have a “we” so game on son, hope you worry ur self to sleep and night just like my fkn mrs does as u threatened us! Just to clary he and the merry bunch of scumbags have ridden off into the sunset to open a new scam somewhere, Iv heard of 2 possible locations a few miles out of southampton and we WILL find him or the others, what do you think is likely to happen When you knock a family man down so far that he can’t provide for his family? Well you will find out soon, that’s it can’t type anymore, expect it Rich expect it.

      • I went down to woolston car super market today to speak to stan,the front man.to ask him why he had bounced the cheque that he had given to my son as a refund,only to discover that they are no longer there. They were there 2 days ago but they have just upt and left .Ihave heard from somebody else through the grape vine that they are setting up in locks heath,god help any body buying a car from them ,please let locks heath know what is instore for them.

  16. Richard burbage is involved with and working for whoolston car supermarket ltd and i’m totally astonished as to the fact he can cause that much damage in aus
    then come over here and frankly lie steal and cheat honest hard working people and continue to do so with NO AUTHORITIES ARRESTING HIM.!

    He struts about the decaying car lot with a 20+ grand ring on his finger floating on the misery and despair of others he threatens thugs to go after anyone
    that staunchly wants a refund or opposes his stalling avoiding and excuse tactics he uses a front man but clearly has influence and involvement over the company and how its run
    if its not bad enuff the stress and strain of having substandard cars unfit for purpose sold to customers there faced with equal or greater in some cases stress from his wild threats
    i am a third party agent asked to advise two separate customers of his both with stark and matching story’s failed communication lied to mislead about mileage and stalled
    to approach the one month return period.
    i am forwarding my findings to trading standards here and submitting hidden camera footage of him both making deals and issuing threats.

    • You’re not the first person to mention to me that he has threatened violence on people who have demanded fair payment for the vehicles he has ‘stolen’ from them. He is obviously a charlatan and complete coward and I just wish that the authorities would catch up to him as soon as possible.

      Well done with the hidden camera too. That is a stroke of genius and I hope it is accepted into evidence against this creep. If you’d like to share it with me I would be happy to run it here.



  17. One of our family members a was taken for a fool by this bold toad, In spring
    Last year, After months of careful planning, His time is coming, Richard I know you can see this and us everywhere, We do potty you now we know you but………Expect us

  18. Hi Matt

    I can confirm that richard burbage is working at woolston car supermarket but now they have changed the name again to woolston car supermarket ltd. Bought a car about 2 months ago – paid £500 deposit and part exchanged old car for £300 which was apparnetly sold to auction a few days later. Recieved the car really delayed and zero commuinication. When the car was recieved it broke down after driving it a short distance up the road. This was put to get fixed and as further delayed more weeks. Told it was fixed but it broke down again so clear it was a faulty vehicle at time of purchase. Requested a refund as no longer had the patience to deal with the company and a faulty car with many problems. They refused a refund and the car was put in the garage again to get fixed. this was 2 weeks ago and the garage didn’t do the repairs as woolston car supermarket hadnt paid them for the repairs. Wrote a first letter requesting refund as this has taken far longer than needed and caused a lot of strain and stress to our lives. Went in today to deliver the final letter efore court action but they say that oolston car supermaket does not exist but is now a new company called woolston car supermarket LTD (just added ltd) – same building same staff etc but they say we did not buy the car from them but instead woolston car supermarket 2 months ago. THey say we have no case in court as it is a new ltd company. Said the only choice we have as consumers is to get them to repair it (which i doubt they will do yet again) or we can “take them to court to sue fresh air”. It’s been 2 months now we cant even get the old car baack as they sold it and they car we bought has not been repaired and they are refusing a refund… Seems that they keep changing the name of the company to cover their backs so that when there is a problem with a car purchased they say it wasnt bought from them but instead by a company that doesn’t exist so take no responsibility. this is ridiculous. any advice is definitely welcome

    • Hi Susie,

      I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. My only advice at this stage is to talk to a solicitor, but if the old company is ‘out of business’ then I would suggest you won’t be getting much satisfaction. The practice of closing one business and reopening without any liabilities is called ‘phoenixing’ in Australia. Our legal system is working hard to prevent these things from happening, but its not always possible to prevent them. Talk to a solicitor and see what they say.

      Good luck.


      • I honestly don’t know. It’s summer holidays in Australia at the moment and the Courts are in recess. As soon as I hear anything I’ll post it online for everyone to read.

        Unfortunately, these types of cases do not tend to end well for those that are aggrieved. By now Burbage will have divested himself of all reasonable assets and even if he gets a guilty verdict, there will be no money to claim from him.

  19. Hi Matt

    My husband bought a car recently with a shed load of problems with the company he bought it off however my husband is sure that the guy above is the person he has dealt with now going by name of David, owns woolston car supermarket in hampshire England. Not only that the website is very similar to the we buy any car Australia to which you have referred

  20. Hello Matt,
    Just a quick note, thought you would be interested to know, we brought a car from hampshire vehicle sales and Ryan Overton and instead of paying by chip and pin (as they ‘hadn’t had it fitted yet’) we were requested to transfer the funds to L Burbage.
    Seems like there is a hefty link to me.
    In mine and Southampton Courts eyes I would steer very clear of this company.

      • Delivered far too late after promised and tried to cancel numerous times, and offered full refunds etc and to be honest no not really. The guy you have in the picture too, was there on a day we went to look at cars.
        Wish I had read your post beforehand

    • Hi , Update on burridge , He got his face rearranged and was knocked unconcious by some people he had not paid, surely some of you have rellys over her who could help make this event a regular occurence.

      He now has 3 sites selling cars in the same industrial estate. nobody in officialdom seems to be interested in him either her or in your country.

      • Thanks anon for this update. Although I don’t in any way condone violence, his comeuppance is probably welcomed my many here in Australia.

        I have been following this saga since I was stung and now I understand the Australian federal court is now involved and the file on Mr Burbage and his fraudulent business activities is considerable. The noose is certainly getting tighter!

        I really hope justice prevails and he comes back here for a good serve of karma! I’m sure that will hurt him more than a few bruises and black eyes.

  21. Matt
    I have sent the document over from my solicitor i would please ask again for these posts to be taken down as we have enough problems with business and dont need this at all.

    • Hi Ryan,

      I never received a document from your solicitor, just a request to take down my blog.

      Still happy to run the document if you wish to send it over.



    • Ryan took the fall when Hampshire vehicle sales went down as he was the only director, I understand he no longer works for the company and has had his credit score affected . He was to young to realise he was being taken for a ride by burridge who is still running the empire.

      • That’s bad luck for Ryan. Having said that, I had a couple of exchanges with him where he denied Burbage was part of the business then changed his story to say he wished he had never met the man. I’d feel more sorry for Ryan if he had been honest in the beginning. But I think he was lured by fast talking and the promise of big money.

      • I was given a cheque of stan in September 2013 and it bounced more than a bouncy ball and it was signed by Ryan Overton , was he still part of it then

  22. Matt
    I will have an official document sent directly to you from the company solicitors so i hope at long last you can see that this horrible person has no involvement with the company.I again would like to wish you the very best in your endeavours and i only wished i never ever set eyes on him!!

      • Hey Matt,
        Where is/whats happened to the promised solicitors letter from Burbage (oops sorry – Overton?)
        The hampshirevehiclesales.co.uk domain wedsite was shut down last weekend???
        They are still trading under hampshirevehiclesales.com, without that fantastic Logo – but with an address!

      • Hi Henry,

        I never received a company statement from the Overton’s or their solicitor. I did get an email request from a Mr. A Polson at the below address, asking me to take down my blog. Needless to say I politely refused.

        Pendower House
        Cumberland Business Centre
        Northumberland Road
        PO5 1DS

        Switchboard: 023 92 822411
        Fax: 023 92 293773

      • Hi Matt,

        Could Allens solicitors email be a spoof?
        Has email commerce not been around long enough for all professional offices, especially Solicitors to use headed paper for statements (even though they i guess, can also be fabricated) – and professional language?

        The email address supplied by ‘Polson’ (if he really exists – or even knows that ‘he’ is communicating with you) is not Allens direct contact email as displayed on their website – and why would Polson not use his direct email address?
        If Hampshire Vehicles Sales were an innocent business with no connection to Burbage, would they not have tried to stop you blogging back in march when you first connected them to Burbage and We Buy Any Car?

        Also the hampshirevehiclesales.com site has been ‘parked’ by the owner??

        The Plot thickens – or is one particular individual digging a deeper hole?

        On another note I would like to say thanks for keeping the pressure up on this issue. I am sure all those that have been affected by this – myself included, are grateful for continued support.


      • Hi Henry,

        I considered the solicitor’s email might be fake as well, however I also considered the possibility that Mr. Polson might be doing the Overton’s a personal favour by not putting the email through the company account and hence racking up some costs. Perhaps I am being too generous.

        You are absolutely correct though, the plot is indeed thickening.

        Originally Ryan commented in the WBAC In Liquidation article that, “The logo was found online and has nothing to do with any business’s any where else especially in Australia as its many thousands of miles away.”

        In WBAC Scam Update 2 Ryan admitted that Richard Burbage “…did some consultancy work for me at that is it.”

        I guess that admission alone shoots down the whole ‘logo found online’ argument.

        By virtue of the fact that Lorraine Burbage registered their domain name it is obvious that Hampshire Vehicle Sales (HVS) has been associated with the Burbages at some stage, although the level of influence that the Burbages had over HVS is still a little unclear. Ergo, I really don’t want to drop the Overtons into the middle of this mess if they are just another victim of the Burbage rampage. This is why I offered to run a company statement from them, which they have failed to provide.

        I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but it seems to me that this is starting to smell a little worse than the fish markets in summertime 😉

        I’ll keep my eyes open and see what comes of all this. Unfortunately I don’t think it will result in any real satisfaction for all those poor people left in the Burbages wake of destruction.

        Take care Henry.


    • I would imagine his solicitor is just not familiar with how the internet works, I imagine he wants the post pulled down, not the entire blog. I am happy to run a letter on stuff reviews pointing out the differences too but I won’t be pulling any posts down. If I was Ryan, I would be going after the crooks who ruined his name, not blogs.

      • I’ll forward a copy of the letter to you if I ever receive it. The Burbages need to be held accountable and if Ryan is just another innocent party in all this then I will give him whatever support I can.



  23. Matt.
    I see again that my company has been pulled into this mess.I have nothing to do with Burbage and i never want too.He did some consultancy work for me at that is it.
    I am quite happy for anyone to come and see me at any time as we are a bunch of friends that have set the business up one being 63 years old.
    I wish you every success but the last i heard he had a breakdown(and im glad)

    • Hi Ryan,

      As you know, the Burbages have caused a lot of pain out here. We certainly don’t want to do the same to other innocent parties, so if you’d like to send me an official statement I would be happy to run it and make sure the other outlets get a copy.

      Please let me know.


  24. nearly one year to the day since I sold my car to these scums and it still grates my soul. I love the quote above regarding the internet. I hope he gets what he deserves.

    • Lets hope the law catches up with him. Unfortunately I don’t think that will translate to any money for the victims though.

      Nice to hear from you again Brooke. I hope you’re well.

      • Thanks Matt
        I am well, and i too hope that the people who were victims get some form on compensation. I was one of the lucky ones. I thank my lucky stars every day. I cant believe this is still going on over a year later. I trust you are also well 🙂

    • As you said, “Mr Burbage, you may be able to skip the country, but the internet and people you fucked over will certainly catch up with you.” I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

      Cheers guys.

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