Impending End and the Super Zombie


So with the Mayan philosophy allegedly coming to fruition this Friday, and the imminent rising from the grave of our decaying loved ones, I thought I’d pose the question;

What if Superheroes were zombies?

Zombie Heroes

Zombie Robin the wannabe Dark Knight doesn’t worry me whatsoever. A silly kid in spandex tights with a fetish for trapezes and undies on the wrong side of his leggings, is no bigger threat than any other member of the living dead, but how the hell do you outrun the corpsified Flash? Our only hope here is that one of his legs rots off and he becomes the Hobble or perhaps, the Crawl. Actually, you don’t have to be able to outrun the Flash, you just need to be faster than the guy next to you 😉

The Green Lantern is no problem. Zombies are just mindless eating machines, so without the willpower to wield the ring he’s just another shambling walker with an allergy to shotguns.

I won’t even comment on the fact that Wonder Woman still looks hot regardless of the drooling cadaver she has become 😉 However, I’m not sure I want her wrapping the lasso of truth around me.

The guy below could be a bit of a challenge though.zombie_cartoon_characters_02

Batman, or The Zom as he would be known, may only be human, but he is a human with superior strength, agility and a hankering for dark alleys. Lets just hope he’s too busy slugging it out with zombie Joker.

And what about these guys and their cohorts? Yes, Zombie Avengers would make a cool movie. But I’d rather not have a fetid Thor whacking me with his hammer from hell.


I wonder whether Wolverine would actually look like a walking corpse or would his mutant healing skills keeping him fresh?

Would Spidey’s webs be decayed upon deployment?

Will the super soldier have the cranial capacity to swing the shield, or can he be brought down like any other man with Kevlar body armor?

Hopefully Jarvis would not allow the putrefied Tony Stark to don the iron suit, but could we actually stop the Necrotastic Four?

Zombies hate fire so I guess the Torch is a no-brainer (pun intended) and Mr. Fantastic can be stopped with a puddle of Supa Glue, or by being tied to a lamp post.

However, an indestructible rock-skin Thing and an invisible zombie!!! Well that’s just downright unsporting.

And what would the jolly green giant say? ‘Hulk smash’ or ‘Hulk eat’?


Perhaps with his limited vocabulary all we would hear is ‘Brains’, which would be funny – for about 0.03 of a second.

Unfortunately, the only way to stop the big fella is to wait until he changes back into Bruce Banner.

Or maybe Superman could help?

Unless of course he looks like this, and then we’re all screwed.

Zombie Superman

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