iDad – The Bare Essentials

Sorry I didn’t post anything new for you all last week. I ended up in New Zealand on business and time simply got away on me. The good news is that iDad found himself being published in the online magazine Bare Essentials. Chief Editor Ms. Inga Yandell is an amazing woman with a passion for fitness and nature, who produces an eco-friendly bi-monthly title centred around adventure and lifestyle. After reading some of my work Inga asked me to contribute to the Inspiration / Knowledge section of her magazine and I was very happy to oblige.

For a sneaky peak at Bare Essentials please click on the image of iDad. The password is wolves16 and iDad is on page 79

About the magazine.

Bare Essentials Magazine embodies the philosophy that the natural world is rich in resources and by recognizing and respecting our wild heritage our spirits will be free to enjoy and experience more.

“Bare Essentials is dedicated to effective exercise and education that supports independence and strength of character!”

Our back to nature resource centers on improving self-image through appreciation for newly developed skills and abilities whilst raising funds and awareness for wildlife.

Serving up a combination of adrenaline sports, extreme nature and pure action.

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