Care for the Care Giver

The following video is a presentation from Ms. Sarah Kucharski at the Medicine X conference at Stanford University on the 28th September 2013. This is a remarkable story from a woman who has undergone some major medical traumas in her life, resulting from a rare condition called intimal fibromuscular dysplasia.

The twist in the tale though is that the story is not so much about the patient and the horrors she went through, but about her husband Travis and the strain on their relationship. It’s a love story that reminds us that the afflicted are not the only ones affected by ill health.

In Sarah’s words, “Patients, you must remember to care for your caregivers.”

With thanks to:
Sarah Kucharski @AfternoonNapper for the inspiring talk.
Thomas M. Lee @tmlfox for bringing it to our attention
Heidi Allen @dreamingspires for sharing it with me.