A Little Car Scam Karma

burbage_wbacAs reported in the Southern Daily Echo newspaper Stan Rudgley, the grubby second hand car dealer and close associate of Richard Burbage, has…

“…pleaded guilty to five charges of making “dishonest representations and sales practices” in relations to five companies including Woolston Car Supermarket in Southampton.” – Daily Southern Echo.

The two co-defendants Burbage and Overton have both entered not-guilty pleas.

I’ve been following these guys for quite some time now and it looks like there will never be any happy news for the hundreds of Aussies who were ripped off by Burbage before he escaped back to the UK. I can only hope that the Southampton constabulary are able to shut them down for good before any body else gets stung.

2 thoughts on “A Little Car Scam Karma

  1. I was one of Rudgley’s unfortunate victims last year and have tried to fight him through the small claims court – however he used an alias name….so effectively chased a ‘ghost’ through the system and wasted more money hiring Sheriffs to track him down…..still, not looking likely to ever get my thousands of pounds back from this twat

    • Unfortunately David, you have just joined a long list of people scammed by these guys.

      I sincerely hope you are able to find some form of justice. Best of luck.

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