(Not so secret) Agent

LurchI was doing a tour of the European International School in Vietnam yesterday, and as I stood in the outside the library, wearing a navy blue suit and dark sunglasses, I noticed a highly animated little boy, around four or five years of age, desperately trying to get his friend’s attention.

“Look, look, look! Look at that man,” said the first little boy in an excitedly hushed tone.

“What man?” said his somewhat ambivalent companion.

“That man,” pointing in my direction. “He looks like a secret agent.”

ArnieI am now fully aware that these two tiny lads are looking up at me all slack jawed and wide eyes, with a mixture of awe, trepidation and respect. I must have been about twice their size and, I suppose, slightly sinister in my appearance. Probably a bit like Lurch from the old Addams Family television shows, or perhaps Arnie in Terminator.

I looked down at the kiddy who started the commotion, folded my arms across my chest and said, “I am a secret agent.”

Well I’ve never seen children this happy outside of Christmas as they proceeded to rush off and tell everyone who’d listen that they just met a spy. Now I know how 007 feels whenever he gets to introduce himself as ‘Bond, James Bond’.