The Elephant in the Room

theelephant-logo5We recently had the pleasure of meeting John Hancock, CEO of EzyMedia and founding publisher of the new national magazine for social impact, The Elephant Magazine.

Tell us about The Elephant Magazine – what’s the story behind it?
The Elephant Magazine shares stories from enterprises, organisations and individuals working to make enduring differences in the lives of disadvantaged Australians.

I have pursued leverage for social change for all my working life, starting in child protection before I’d even finished university, moving into policy, business, microfinance and 10-years ago into media. I see media as a crucial and powerful tool for change, and The Elephant Magazine brings together that drive with a decade of publishing experience.

You’ve recently launched the website and you are looking to go to press this month. What’s it about and how can people support it?
The Elephant Magazine promotes the work of individuals, organisations and enterprises across Australia via a national print and digital magazine written by its readers, with an aim toward engaging greater investment and public participation in the social and environmental sectors.

People can support it by ordering a few print copies (shout a friend one!), spending $20 on a directory listing, $10 on a job listing, or a few more bucks on print/online/social media advertising packages. A 20% discount on everything applies to NGO’s, NFP’s and volunteers.
If none of this is within reach, someone can support the magazine simply by telling others about it, sharing articles via the social media share buttons, adding to your Facebook, following us on Twitter etc.

What are your future plans for The Elephant Magazine?
The idea is to crank it up fairly quickly here in Australia over the next 12-18 months, then replicate in US, Canada and UK, where my publishing company EzyMedia has offices with experienced publishing staff who are keen to get involved. Ultimately, The Elephant Magazine will train entrepreneurs in the new media landscape via internships, webinars and one-on-one coaching sessions. It will also, hopefully, be in a position one day to fund some of the projects it highlights.

Its a lovely looking magazine John. The articles are well written and thought provoking, and the design is crisp and fresh.
Thanks! I think a high quality magazine, written by the people on the ground making the changes, will go a long way to enthusing the public to get involved. This isn’t another industry journal, I want The Elephant to be the next Woman’s Weekly of social impact.

5. How can supporters get in touch?
People can submit articles via the website by clicking on ‘Submit’ in the top menu bar of my website and they can also place orders for print copies and advertising by clicking on ‘Orders’ in the top menu bar. The email is and my phone number is 0401 847 853

Thanks so much for your time John. Your magazine has certainly already generated a good deal of industry buzz and we are all looking forward to contributing to its success. We wish you well with the launch and encourage everyone to spread the word.