Response to a Critic

Recently I was subjected to some rather nasty comments from an anonymous detractor. Whilst this has not been an unusual occurrence over the last eighteen months, the abuse was aimed at my iDad and Pine Gap stories – not at me personally. I’ve got a pretty thick skin (head too according to some) when it comes to insults about my appearance, intelligence or behaviour. However, targeting poor defenceless iDad and the good Colonel Drax, was a little harsh.

My policy of not posting bad language on my site meant that you guys were spared this individual’s ridiculous diatribe. However, the gist of his / her comments were along the lines of my stories being ‘shite’ and that I should give up writing.

“After all,” it said. “You can’t polish a turd.”

Well my cowardly critic, have I got news for you 😉

4 thoughts on “Response to a Critic

  1. Hi Matt, I wouldn’t worry it’s probably a customer still bummed about a film setter they bought in ’98.
    2 Points, Mythbusters proved you could polish a turd and the advertising industry continues to prove although you may not want to polish a turd you can roll it in glitter.

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