Leaving Me For Years

I was sitting in the Ampersand Cafe & Bookstore in Crown Street a little while ago when I stumbled upon a small paperback titled ‘I Quite Like My Wife’, by John Turnbull. The book contained an interesting series of poems and short stories, some of which were quite entertaining, whilst others were very poignant. The poem below however really spoke to me and I have transcribed it for you as a subtle reminder that there are two sides to every story.

A Poem By John Turnbull.

“Well hello stranger… welcome home,
Yes, I’m leaving you, my dear.
Come, come…don’t look so woebegone,
You’ve been leaving me for years.

Look, no one likes to be alone,
Don’t insult me with your tears.
Where were you when I needed you?
You’ve been leaving me for years.

And even when you were at home,
You were never really here.
Always a million miles away…
You’ve been leaving me for years.

You’ll tell your friends that I left you,
I guess that’s how it appears.
Goodbye stranger…tell the truth.
You’d been leaving me for years.

My apologies to Mr. Turnbull for not seeking permission to reproduce his work. Unfortunately I cannot find any reference to his novel or identity online other than the copy of the cover above. Please contact me if you are the author, know the author or represent the author.

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