The Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a little while. Work has been hectic and the desire to turn on the computer when I get home just hasn’t been at its highest.

A couple of years ago iDad took his family on a trip to Ireland. Blue Eyes has roots in there and with K.Rudd handing out donations to all and sundry we figured it was the perfect opportunity to go find the ancestors. Holidaying with children is always a tricky job and when it begins with a thirty-six hour epic flight from Sydney – Singapore – Heathrow – Belfast, you know its gotta get better 🙂

During the thousands of miles we did crisscrossing the Irish countryside I found a little pub in Sneem, County Kerry where I took this photo. Below it you will find the rest of the words to a fantastic little Irish ditty which is bound to bring a little tear to those who are away from home.

Have a nice weekend.

There’s a sweet garden spot in our memory
It’s the place we were born in and reared
It’s long years ago since we left it
But return there we will if we’re spared
Our friends and companions of childhood
Would assemble each night near a score
Round Dan Murphy’s shop, and how often we sat
On the stone outside Dan Murphy’s door

Chorus: Those days in our hearts we will cherish
Contented although we were poor
And the songs that were sung
In the days we were young
On the stone outside Dan Murphy’s door

When our day’s work was over we’d meet there
In the winter or spring just the same
Then the boys and the girls all together
Would join in some innocent game
Dan Murphy would take down his fiddle
While his daughter looked after the store
The music did ring and sweet songs we would sing
On the stone outside Dan Murphy’s door

Back again will our thoughts often wander
To the scenes of our childhood’s home
The friends and companions we left there
It was poverty caused us to roam
Since then in this life we have prospered
But still in our hearts we feel sore
For memory will fly to those days long gone by
And the stone outside Dan Murphy’s door

6 thoughts on “The Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door

  1. I like this blog so much I saved it to my ‘favorites’.

    This post reminds me of a saying by Peter De Vries,

    “Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.”


  2. Hi Matt!

    Quite some time since I’ve made a comment… truth so much is happening on your site.
    Some weeks ago you were attempting to publish ???? ….. If you collated your iDad musings it would sell like the proverbial hot cake!!! it’s my favourite spot on your site.

    Cheers to all Joy

    • Hi Joy,

      Nice to hear from you again. A lot of people have suggested that I put together a collection of iDad stories so I’m going to try and do that over the Christmas holidays.

      Wish me luck 🙂


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