What’s This ↓

The image used in my title bar is a snippet from an excellent painting by a talented Australian artist, Mr. Brett Curzon. The painting is titled ‘Bits & Pieces’ and to me it reflects the myriad of thoughts, concepts, questions and realities that engulf my mind every day.

It is as elegant as it is chaotic.

I also have this one, by the same person, on the wall opposite my desk.

It is a peaceful reminder that life is beautiful.

4 thoughts on “What’s This ↓

  1. Hey Matt,

    Thanks for that….. I do have more books planned.
    I haven’t painted any big stuff for a while, I must admit that dealing with galleries has left a sour taste in my mouth, long story. I am third generation South’s supported, so I know exactly what you mean!


    • Hi Brett,

      Great to hear from you mate. I’ve always loved your paintings and the artwork in Bill The Fish is fantastic.

      Do you have any more books planned and are you still painting the big stuff?

      Better luck next year for the Bunnies unfortunately. You kind of get used to that when you’re a Souths supporter though 🙂


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