Super Goof

supergoofWatched Superman Returns from 2006 the other night. Awful movie!

Are we really expected to believe that Lois Lane has given birth to the ‘sprog of steel’? What were Warner Brothers thinking?

Not only is Superman is faster than a speeding bullet; which may explain Lois’ permanent scowl of dissatisfaction and her reticence to hop back into the super sack, as well as all those erectile dysfunction ads towards the back end of the movie; but he is also more powerful than a locomotive which would have made Kryptonic coitus impossible.

Not even Kevin Spacey’s version of Lex Luthor could save this disaster.

At least DC Comics redeemed themselves with Russell Crowe’s epic, but I really wonder what possessed the producers, not to mention poor Brandon Routh, to try and rehash a role that only Christopher Reeve could play.

Thankfully Marvel did the right thing by not letting the Generals daughter hump the Hulk 😉