About Me

I am a forty something father of five and an as yet unpublished author with my first novel Pine Gap ready to go.

I am an experienced ‘hands on’ business manager with a track record of success servicing clients throughout Australia and New Zealand in the publishing, media and printing industries. I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Management and Legal Studies, with skills in Marketing, Economics and Accounting. My business acumen has enabled me to manage companies through depression, succession, recession and progression.

My love of creative writing was forged in high school but accelerated in my twenties. I spent four years at the TAFE College in Ultimo studying Copy Writing, Copy Editing and Proof Reading, amongst other things. During my free time from furthering my education and raising a family I was an avid songwriter penning the poetry for children’s music as well as adult contemporary. Unfortunately my guitar playing ability was somewhat less than average so many of my rhymes lacked the rhythm required for commercial release.

In my thirties I began developing story lines that I hoped to turn into quality works of fiction. I presently have a few more ‘work in progress’ novels and the beginning of a screenplay gathering dust on my hard drive. In business I have written case studies and press releases as well as a monthly newsletter with technical information and marketing spiel. Some of those documents were picked up by industry trade journals and reprinted.

This is my personal blog site and I can be contacted via email at mattvgreen@gmail.com

I am a member of the Australian Society of Authors and the NSW Writing Centre.