People’s Choice Award

Hi Guys,Adventurer

I have a big favour to ask.

My blog is one of approximately 47 billion that have been listed for the People’s Choice Award in the 2013 Best Australian Blogs competition.

Unfortunately I didn’t make the cut – again – this year according to the judges, but you can make a difference by showing them that ‘people power’ is still the ultimate power in the Universe by voting for me.

Please follow the link below, or click the Vote For Me Now button on the right of this post, to start the voting process.

You have to scroll through to the third page to find Matts Notes, and make sure that when you have finished you click the ‘done’ button or your vote won’t count.

Yes, it is a laborious task but you all know deep down in your hearts that I am worth every precious second 😉

Voting closes on Tuesday the 30th April so please get cracking over the weekend and spread the love.

I promise I’ll respect you in the morning 😉

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