Off Coffee August

Dry July has never been my scene, too much great wine to consume. I mean, how can you have roast beef with Yorkshire pudding for dinner during winter in Australia and not partake in a glass or three of Shiraz served at room temperature? Sacrilege πŸ˜‰

And don’t get me started on Movember. Seriously, if you have ever seen the grey, black, brown and slightly ginger caterpillar crawling across my upper lip, you would never ask me to grow another mustache ever again.

I grew a goatee once. Looked like I had been sucking on a Chupa-Chup and then kissed a molting tabby cat. Ridiculous.

And what about my sideburns?!? Damn things don’t even reach my hairline.

I guess I’m just not fuzzy enough.

Anyway, the topic of my hirsute prowess (or lack thereof) is not what we are here to discuss.

I am going to give up drinking coffee for the entire month of August.

Yes I tried this last year.

Yes I failed miserably.

This year is going to be different.


I hear you ask with quizzical amusement.

Because I have willpower. I have stamina. I have the drive and tenacity to succeed.


I hear you all yell with incredulous ferocity.

Yeah ok, ok, you all know me better than I know myself.

But I’m gonna try nonetheless and all I ask of you is forgiveness if I am a little crabby over the next few weeks.

Caffeine withdrawal is a nasty thing πŸ˜‰

6 thoughts on “Off Coffee August

  1. Like Dry July do it to raise money for a cause you value…it should give you at least a bit of will power. That way if you have to fall off the wagon you can make yourself donate $20 as penance.

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