Best Australian Blogs 2014 Competition

Hi Guys, Once again I have a massive favour to ask all of you. This year my blog is both a nominee for the Best Australian Blogs competition and the Peoples Choice Awards, along with half the population of the known world. Last year I just missed out by a gnat’s whisker, so if you’re […]

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Overton, Rudgley, Burbage – Oh My!

I can picture it now. An innocent young Judy Garland skipping along in her ruby slippers with a wide-eyed wonderment of this fantastic world she has found herself in. Only to be taken advantage of by the fraudster Wizard of Oz. Along the way she met the brainless, the heartless, and the coward. Nice characters […]

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Care for the Care Giver

The following video is a presentation from Ms. Sarah Kucharski at the Medicine X conference at Stanford University on the 28th September 2013. This is a remarkable story from a woman who has undergone some major medical traumas in her life, resulting from a rare condition called intimal fibromuscular dysplasia. The twist in the tale […]


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Back on the horse – so to speak.

By now most of you would have read my running ramblings on, well, running. And you’ve probably had a giggle or three at my expense. That’s ok! I exist only to entertain, or as an automatic teller machine for my children :-) Today though instead of dodging doggy doo and the usual shelob shenanigans, I […]

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My kids love Zombies, horror movies and the South Sydney Rabbitohs, so this is what we did to the car :-) I drove it to a funeral once. That was awkward ;-)

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Emoji Adventure


My Friend Fraser

There is a common aphorism that simply states, ‘there are no friends in business’.  I have no idea who to credit the quotation too, nor am I going to argue its merits. Instead I would like to tell you about an exception to this ‘rule’. Several years ago I was running my own company and […]



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